Arundel Hill has training board available for young horses or horses who need a little work.  Our main goal is to have a quiet and responsive horse.  The horse will be worked in hand on the ground and under saddle.  It will be in training five to six days a week. Training board is $1000/ month which inlcudes full board. We can ride the horse in shows or clinics for an additional fee.
We also retrain OTTB's (off the track thoroughbreds) to have a second career as racehorses.  Our training program Hope for Hooves takes horses either from the race track or slaughter auctions and retrains them to be pleasure or competition horses.  Please check our Horses For Sale/Lease page for the horses currently available or
Our training approach for all animals is consistant, steady work that produces a good foundation that later training can be built upon.  We try our best to turn out well rounded horses who can then go into various disciplines based on what the owner enjoys.  We encourage the owner to participate towards the end of the trianing period so they can continue to effectively ride thier horse when they get home.


Arundel Hill also does sales training.  The consignment fee is 20% of the purchase price along with any marketing fees.  We will present your horse to potential buyers and assist you with the selling process.

Please call Amanda Church Hansen at (302) 561-4666 for an evaluation.