We offer lessons to all ages and abilities. 


Lesson Schedule
Winter Program
Lesson Days this week-

Message or text to reserve your spot.

Private lessons are generally held in the evenings, and are scheduled in advance.
Group Lessons are held the same time every week after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We welcome new students anytime, but new groups tend to form in January, May and September. 
We require all students to ride at least twice a week.  You can use your horse, lease a horse or use a lesson horse.
Ride every day after school, get a weekly lesson for $400/ month.
Great for children looking to spend more time with horses or may want to see what it's like to own a horse. Drop off is 4pm, pick up is 7pm.
Adults are also welcome to this evening program.  It is a great way to get back into horses or start with out the committment of purchasing a horse.

Riding Lessons

Horseback riding is a good way to get exercise and learn responsibility.  We teach all ages and abilities.  In your first lessons at Arundel Hill we assess your riding level and place you in an appropriate program.  You can ride for fun or competitively. 
Below is an outline of our Spring and Fall Riding Programs.  Further Down you will find our Spring Lesson Registration Form.
(2) Group lessons a week  $250/month
(1) Group lesson a week & (1) practice ride a week $200/month
(1) Group lesson a week & (2) practice rides a week $350/month

Half-hour private lesson                                                  $45
1 Hour private lesson                                                       $60
Spring and Fall Lesson Schedule and Payment Schedule

                 Monday                Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                      Friday                                                                                                                                                               

4:00   Practice Ride        W/T/C Jump        W/T/C Jump                W/T/C Jump            Practice Ride

                                             10-18 yo                     10-18 yo                         10-18 yo                

4:30   Practice  Ride      W/T/C Jump        W/T/C Jump                 W/T/C Jump            Practice Ride

                                          10-18 yo                       10-18 yo                          10-18 yo

5:00   Practice Ride       W/T 6-9yo             W/T/C Jump                 W/T/C Jump            Practice Ride

                                                                                 8-12 yo                         8-12 yo

5:30   Practice Ride       W/T 10-18yo          W/T  6-9 yo                   Dressage                    Practice Ride

6:00  Practice Ride/      W/T/C Jump          Private/                          W/T/C Jump          Practice Ride

           Pony Play Date      Adult                      Pony Play Date                 Adult

6:30  Practice Ride/        W/T Adult             Private /                         W/T  Adult              Practice Ride

           Pony Play Date                                      Pony Play Date

7:00  Adult Beginner Group                                                                                                       Adult Beginner Group

7:30  Adult Beginner Group                                                                                                       Adult Beginner Group

Lesson Description
Practice Ride- 30 minutes of time to practice your skills before your next lesson.  They are scheduled from 4-7pm Monday-Friday.
W/T/C Jump 10-18 yo- 30 minute lesson for riders ages 10-18 years old who can walk, trot, canter and jump on their own.  We try to specialize each group to age and skill level.  For example our Tuesday 4pm group currently has 4 riders who can canter courses at 2ft and are 12-15 years old.
W/T/C Jump 8-12yo- 30 minute lesson for riders ages 8-12 yo who can walk, trot, canter and Jump on their own.
W/T 6-9 yo-  30 minute lesson for riders ages 6-9 who are learning how to walk and trot on their own.
W/T Adult- Beginner class for Adults who are learning to walk and trot on their own
W/T/C Jump Adult- Adult class for riders who can walk, trot, canter and jump.
Dressage- Flat only for riders specifically wanting to work on their dressage.  All of  our classes are dressage based from the youngest and lowest levels.  As riders develop their own skills they will learn more dressage as they advance.
Pony Play Date- 30 minute session with 2-4 riders ages 2-7 yo.  The children learn how to groom the horse, tack and/ or un-tack a horse and receive a mini lesson/ pony ride.  This program is an excellent way for children to prepare for group lessons and can schedule them as they like
Spring Lesson Payment Schedule
Spring Lesson Session is from April 3rd to June 11th, 2017
           2 Lessons per Week     1 Lesson & 1 Practice Ride         1  Lesson per Week
Apr 1          $250                                  $200                                              $150
May 1            $250                                  $200                                               $150
June 1            $125                                  $100                                               $75

Per Session                 $625                                 $500                                              $375

10% Discount            $562.50                            $450                                              $337.50
if Spring Session is
Paid by  April 1, 2017
Payment may be made by Cash, Check, Credit Card
Cash & Check can be placed in drop box in barn w/ envelope provided
Pay by Credit Card in the office or using the Spring Lesson Registration Form
Pony Play Dates can be paid at each individual Play Date

Time does not include Tacking Up, Warm-Up and Clean up.  Overall time spent is usually 1 hour 15 minutes.
Please arrive at least 30 mins before your scheduled lesson.
Lessons from Amanda  are given Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Pony Playdates  are offer the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month From April-November and Monday and Wednesday evenings. 
Additional lessons are given as  Amanda's  schedules allow.  All riders must ride at least 2x a week.  We offer partial leases starting at $350/month.  Full and free leases are also available for students who wish to compete.   
Students who are competing or interested in competing also go to cross country schoolings, jumpers shows, dressage shows and local events (in addition to their weekly lessons) during the spring, summer and fall. 
We offer coaching and training in Aiken, SC over the winter for students preparing or ready to compete at the Recognized level.   Training schedules are customized to help each rider reach their individual goals.
 Our students who choose to compete are very competitive on the local and national level.  We can also assist you in reaching upper level Pony Club ratings.

Winter Riding Program
Our winter program is for riders who would like to continue riding through the winter months of January and February. 

Students can be on "Call List" for lesson and practice ride availability.  The lessons will be taught on the 2 warmest days of each week.  These days may include weekends depending on availability and weather.  Lessons will be first come first serve and will have priority over practice rides.  Riders will pay as they go so if it doesn't work into your schedule you can skip a week and pick up lessons as you have the time.  Payment envelopes are in the Indoor Arena and next to payment box in the main barn.  Riders can also do practice rides on other days with approval from instructor and a parent must be present to supervise the student the entire time the student is on the farm.  Each student will receive periodic instructions and changes as to what they are to practice in their practice ride. 

Lessons will be $45
Practice Rides will be $35
Please Contact Amanda via e-mail or cell to be placed on the list. 

Summer Riding Program
Our Summer Riding Program runs June 25th to August 26, 2017

Each Rider can choose to have daily lessons, weekly lessons or any combination.
Lessons are held Monday thru Friday and each student can choose to Ride from 9am-12pm .  This program is taking the place of our weekly camps to accommodate more families schedules. 

Parents are welcome to stay and watch lessons.  Lessons are also open to adults.  If you have a tight schedule you can also ask for a specific lesson time starting at 9:30am until 2pm.  The prices remain the same whether you stay just for your riding lesson or both the lesson and stable management lesson. 

The daily schedule is
9am- check in
9:30am- Riding Lesson
11am- Stable Management Lesson
12pm- Half Day Pick Up
12:15pm Lunch (packed)
1pm- Trail Ride/ XC Schooling or Guest Speaker (Vet, Dentist, etc) 
3pm- Pick Up
Full Day $65/ Lesson
Half Day $45/ Lesson

Families paying for more than 10 days receive a %10 discount.
Families paying for more than 20 days can pay monthly.



Half Leases

 Ponies and some Horses are available for half-lease.  In a half-lease you take your normal lesson each week, and have full use of the pony 2 other days of the week. You can also use the pony twice a month in clinics or horse shows.  The pony will be automatically reserved for you for shows and clinics.  Half-leases are good for those

individuals who are in between horses, or who are interested in owning a horse, but aren't quite ready to commit to full ownership. It's an economical way to experience the joys of horse ownership with out all of the responsibility.  
$350/month includes tack and weekly  lessons.
Some lease horses are available for off farm lease or lease to own.  Call for more details.