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Arundel Hill Open Schooling Shows
2012 Dates
October 14th starts at 9am
November 10th starts at 12pm
Please check back dates to come
Classes offered 
Beginner lead line division                                                   
1. Beginner leadline walk
2. Beginner leadline poles
3. Beginner leadline off lead
Advanced lead line division
4. Beginner walk off lead
5. Beginner trot on lead
6. Beginner walk over poles off lead
Child beginner divsion (under 14 years old)
7. Beginner Walk
8. Beginner Walk/ Trot
9. Beginner Trot over poles
Adult beginner divsion (over 15 years old)
10. Beginner Walk
11. Beginner Walk/ Trot
12. Beginner Trot over poles
12" Cross Rail Division
13. Walk/ Trot
14. Walk/ Trot/Canter
15. Course of (6) 12" cross rails
18" Cross Rail Division
16. Walk/ Trot
17. Walk/ Trot/ Canter
18. Course of (8) 18" cross rails
Green Hunter
19. Walk/ Trot
20. Walk/ Trot/ Canter
21. Course of 2' verticals
Low Hunter
22. Walk/ Trot/ Canter
23. Hunter over fences 2'3"
24. Handy Hunter Over Fneces 2'3"
High Hunter
25. Walk/ Trot/ Canter
26.  Hunter over fences 2'6"-2'9"
27. Handy Hunter over fences 2'6"-2'9"
Classes are $10 each or $25 for a divsion. Riders may cross enter divisions.  Champion for each division and End of
Day High Point will be awarded with Special Prizes.
Year End Awards for Each Divsion
AHF students must pre-enter to reserve pony.  Everyone else sign up day of the show.  Please Bring Current
Come and have fun!  Check back for photos of prizes.