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Easter Camp 2016

Easter Camp 2016

Rider Name________________________________________

Rider Age____________________________________________

Riding experience__ never or pony rides   __ walk/ trot independently  __ walk/ trot/ canter/ jump


Phone__________________ Emergency Contact________________________________________


All camps have group riding lessons and stable management lessons.  Campers are divided into small groups based on age and riding ability.  Campers must wear long pants, protective helmet, and shoes/ boots which cover the ankle.  Rain boots work well.  Full day campers must bring a bagged lunch.  A refrigerator is available to keep lunch and drinks cool.


Camps Dates and Options

Campers can participate for entire weeks, daily or just 1 day.  All campers must pre-register.

___March 14-18th 9am-3pm. $65/ Day           __Mon  __Tues  __Wed  __Thurs  __Fri = $_____ Total

___March 21-25th 9am-3pm. $65/ Day           __Mon  __Tues  __Wed  __Thurs  __Fri = $_____ Total

___March 28-April 1st 9am-3pm. $65/ Day    __Mon  __Tues  __Wed  __Thurs  __Fri= $_____ Total

___March 25th 1pm-5pm $45/ Day

___March 26th 1pm-5pm $45/ Day

                                                                                                                                           $_________ Total

Please make checks to Arundel Hill Farms

Mail Registration Form and payment to

Arundel Hill Farms

112 Arundel Lane

Elkton, MD 21921

We also accept all major credit cards.  Please email Amanda, amanda@amanda-church.com to pay by credit card.  Gift certificates also available.