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Arundel Hill 2015 tentative Schedule of Events

Check sign up sheets for exact times and dates

X-C schools will be added as needed & open to everyone

but may change due to weather and footing

Event  Date     

USEA Recognized Horse Trials
Plantation April 11-12
Plantation May 9
FHI May 16-17
Flora Lea May 23-24
Waredaca May 30-31
Plantation June 6
BCHP June 21
HPNJ June 27-28
Loch Moy July 11-12
Loch Moy July 17-19
HPNJ July 25-26

Unrecognized Horse Trials
Olde Hope April 12
BCHP April 17
SAPC April 26
FHI May 3
Olde Hope May 24
BCHP May 29
Olde Hope June 19
FHI June 27

Combined Tests
Blue Goose April 19
BCHP May 19
BCHP June 16
BCHP June 30
Blue Goose July 19

Hunt Seat Schooling Shows ( will be filled in as space is available and rider's interest)
Hopewell Training Center May 2
Hopewell Training Center June 20   
Hopewell Training Center Aug 15th

We will add Lewisville and other farms once their schedule is available.                                                                    

We will be x-c schooling at the following venues and participating in schooling shows as the need arises.  We school at least once a week if the weather cooperates.
Fox Crossing
Buck's Co
Olde Hope

The second half of the season depends where the horses are at competition wise so more than one event is listed for the date. Some shows we will not go to if there is low attendence . We will add schoolings weekly as needed.  Schoolings are open to everyone. If you are interested in competing please read Rules to Compete and talk to Amanda about a conditioning and training program. Thanks and have fun!
We have monthly meetings to go over training and conditioning plans, show prep and goal setting.
Twice a year all student recieve an evaluation on DVD to keep track of thier progress.
No fees to join
Our goal is to turn out safe and successful Eventers