After School Riding Program

We are offering an after school riding program to encourage children to ride daily and participate in the daily care of horses.
Adults are also welcome to this program.  It is a great way to get back into horses with out the committment of owning.
*Drop off & Pick up between 4pm-7pm, Monday through Friday
*Daily supervised riding
*Daily stable management lessons
*Weekly group lesson
*Snack and drinks available
*Area for homework
This program teaches discipline and responsablity.  Riding daily helps riders to develop more solid riding skills in a shorter period of time. 
$400/ Month            We follow the Cecil County School District schedule
Children participating in this program can attend full day summer camp for $275/ week
Children ages 8-18 may participate in program.  Bad behavior will not be tolerated and students will be dimissed from the program if they do not follow the rules.
Please call for more information and a tour of our facilities.  (302) 561-4666